Mission to Seafarers

About Mission to Seafarers

The Mission to Seafarers (MTS) Darwin Incorporation is the first centre in the NT supported by Christ Church Cathedral. The Seafarers Centre is situated at Darwin Port East Arm and provides provides support for the seafarers in the busy port of Darwin which hosts 1800 ships and 70 cruise ships each year.

Just about everything we use; our cars, furniture and clothing – comes into Australia by ship. Likewise, the wealth of the country depends on the exports of ores and food. But who is the human face behind all this? Our community depends on the seafarers that leave home and family to go to sea and face danger, perils and loneliness for months on end. Life on the ocean is not just lonely but can also be dangerous due to piracy, weather and illness. There is also very little financial gain. But who looks after the seafarers who look after us?

MTS provides a place for seafarers to come and feel safe, welcome and relaxed. Their needs include contacting family, leaving the port and renewing supplies. They are provided spiritual support, counselling, transport, clothing, books, magazines and games to take on board to stave off boredom and loneliness, MTS aims to care for seafarers around the world.

There are many opportunities to support the Darwin MTS program and Chaplain and Centre Manager Julie Toomey can be contacted on:

MTS Volunteers

Volunteers can assist in a myriad of ways;

  • Prayer
  • Committee member and advisory capacity
  • Administration support
  • Governance
  • Media and Advertising
  • IT – Website, Facebook, Twitter
  • Phone SIMS distribution and administration
  • Transportation
  • Fundraising – Shopnate, Gofundme, Events, Grants
  • Ships Visitors team – SIMS pastoral care
  • Donations of goods such as clothing, souvenirs
  • Sponsorship, Cafe and Seafarers Centre

Interested volunteers can contact Julie through missiontsdarwin@gmail.com.

Financial donations

Financial donations are always gratefully received to support this valuable work and donations can be made through;

Westpac: Bank details: BSB 035-302, Account 517523