Cathedral Restoration and Renovation

On 27 November 2011, Christ Church Cathedral, Darwin was filled to capacity with those who gathered for the blessing and re-dedication of the newly renovated and restored Cathedral. 27 November was also the first Sunday of Advent, the beginning of a new church year and was chosen to symbolise the start of a new chapter in the life of the Cathedral. Since that time the Cathedral has been filled on a number of occasions for big funerals, civic celebrations and Christmas services. Each time the improvements to the building have shown that we made the right decision about addressing the issues that have plagued the Cathedral for so long. For all of the wet-season rain we have had, there has not been a single drop of water inside the Cathedral. The new roof, with modifications to the flashings and the replacement of the main window have meant that for the first time in over thirty years the building is free from leaks. The freshly repaired and painted interior remains free from water marks, mould and the deterioration of many years of leaks. In addition, the verandahs, venting and large fans have meant that the Cathedral is now truly suited to the tropics and the unsightly and inefficient air-conditioners have now been removed. This of course has significantly reduced our electricity consumption and increased the comfort and useability of the building. The last thing to be done is an upgrade of the sound system and acoustic performance of the building, now possible with a grant received from the Colliers Trust. There have also been some repairs and refurbishments of the Cathedral Offices, and in 2014 the Stations of the Cross were re-installed and rededicated.