Synod 2019

The 35th Synod of the Diocese of the NT convened at Christ Church Cathedral on Friday 31 May with an opening service, followed by dinner in the Cathedral grounds. The Bishop, the Right Reverend Dr. Greg Anderson,  then delivered his Presidential Charge noting that Synod is taking place in National Reconciliation Week. Bishop Greg Anderson said, " In the Diocese of the NT, we have great joy and privilege of belonging to churches that have genuine opportunities to reflect God's desire that humans should be reconciled to one another. Reconciliation is based on recognising that wrong has happened, and wanting to fix that wrong. It means coming together in a restored relationship. Working out how to fix the linguistic differences is not easy ... but I believe that the church continues to be a good place for expressing reconciliation, through listening to one another, working together, and seeking for all our communities to grow stronger, safer and more peaceful. Our current strategic plan has as one of its objectives that Aboriginal members of our diocese will be heard and valued. No 'fixing' is possible without proper conversation, including careful listening." Synod continues over the weekend at Nungalinya College.  

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