General News

Watoto Children’s Choir

On Tuesday 2 September we enjoyed a wonderful evening with the Watoto Children's Choir - over 350 people filled the Cathedral as we heard from the children and the young men and women who care for them. Those of us who billeted the children and their carers were very impressed by the genuine love and warmth they shared for each other. Thank you to all who helped, and all those who attended. We wish every blessing to the Choir as they head into the last leg of their Australian tour. For further details, visit Childrens Choir 66 (3)


Dangerous Ideas for Interesting Times


 Dr Christine Fejo-King

Larrakia Senior Elder,

Chairperson of the National Coalition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Workers,

Australian Catholic University


Echoes from the past,

impacting on the present and stretching into the future:

Reflections of a Larrakia woman


Dangerous Ideas for Interesting Times

at Christ Church Anglican Cathedral

2 Smith St Darwin

Saturday 16th August 5-6pm

Tickets $20 at the door

This is an alcohol free event

General News

National Day of Mourning for MH17

On Thursday 7th August the Australian Government has declared a National Day of Mourning for MH17. At Christ Church Cathedral we are joining in that mourning, with a day of prayer and meditation. The Cathedral will be open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm for those of all faiths or no faith who want to pray or meditate or light a candle. We remember those who have died, and all those who mourn. At 12.15 pm there will be a quiet prayer service, for about 30 minutes. All are welcome to attend this service. Any queries, please contact the Dean, Fr Keith Joseph, at the Cathedral.

Church News

Centenary of World War One

World-War-1-poster-2c9gvgl-212x300On 4 August 1914 the British Empire, of which Australia was part, entered the Great War. In so doing, it became a truly global conflict, the First World War. History was changed, Empires fell, and Australia suffered and grew as a nation. It is an event to be marked with solemn observance. On 4 August 1914 the crowds gathered, and cheered as the young men came forward for King, God and Empire. But the cost was immense, and one hundred years later we do not celebrate the Great War, but we commemorate and remember. Accordingly, on Sunday 3 August 2014 our main 9.00am service at the Cathedral will be a Requiem Eucharist. The Arafura Wind Ensemble will provide appropriate music. The celebrant will be Fr Mike Nixon, and the preacher will be Chaplain Yogananda Juste-Constant RAAF, who has served in Africa and the Middle East. All are welcome at this special service.

General News

MH 17

All of us here at Christ Church Cathedral are horrified and sad at the loss of MH 17 and the 298 people on board. We remember Emma Bell, a young teacher from Maningrida, and Wayne and Theresa Baker from Palmerston; and we remember all of those killed on board Malaysian Airlines Flight 17.  May our loving God, in his mercy, take those who have died to himself, and may their families and friends find comfort through the love and care of all us in this community. On Wednesday 23 July 2014 there will be an ecumenical memorial service at St Mary's Catholic Cathedral on Smith Street. We will be taking part in the service, which commences at 7.00 pm. All are invited.