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Holy Week at the Cathedral

Palm Sunday - 29 March 7.30 am - Holy Eucharist 9.00 am - Blessing of Palms and Sung Eucharist   Holy Tuesday - 31 March 5.30 pm - Stations of the Cross   Holy Wednesday - 1 April 7.00 pm - Tenebrae   Maundy Thursday - 2 April 7.00 pm - Holy Eucharist with Institution of the Lord's Supper   Good Friday - 3 April 9.00 am - Good Friday Liturgy 12 noon - The Seven Words   Holy Saturday - 4 April 5.30 pm - Evening Prayer   Easter Sunday - 5 April 6.00 am - Service of the Light, with Holy Eucharist 9.00 am - All age worship, with Baptisms and Communion

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Cyclone Pam hits Vanuatu

So far the news from Vanuatu is not good, and has come almost entirely from the capital, Port Vila. But it is reported that Penama Province - the islands of Pentecost, Ambae and Maewo - has also been badly affected. Vanuatu is a very religious country, and the Anglican Church has a substantial presence in Penama Province. When our Dean was working with the Anglican Church of Melanesia, he spent some time in northern Vanuatu: our pictures here are taken from Fr Keith's visit in 2009. Fr Keith is shown off Pentecost on the MV Southern Cross, the other photos show the Chapel of the Melanesian Brotherhood on Ambae, the Mothers Union on Pentecost Island, and traditional dancing at Point Cross, on the southern end of Pentecost Island. Unfortunately, there has been no news received yet from Pentecost or Ambae Islands. The following prayer is adapted from the prayer for seafarers in the Melanesian Book of Common Prayer: Eternal God you alone spread out the sky and rule the raging of the sea, be pleased to keep safe all those who go down to the sea in ships, and do their work in its great waters, and all those who live on our islands surrounded by the oceans. Keep them safe in body and soul, in all time of danger defend them, and bring them to the harbour where they hope to be, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Fr Keith Joseph picture MBH Chapel at Tumsisiro Ambae Mothers Union PentecostPoint Cross Southern Pentecost Dancing

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Ash WednesdayWe start our Lenten Observance on 18 February 2015. During Lent, Christians around the world reflect on all that is broken and sinful - in their own lives, in their communities, and in the world. We do so not with a sense of despair, but with hope, knowing that after Lent comes the light of Easter. But it is good to reflect on those things that are wrong, as we endeavour with the grace of God to do that which is right. This applies to ourselves as individuals, and also to our community and nation. For example, during Lent we reflect on our abject failures to look after the stranger in our midst, such as those who come here seeking refuge; and we cry for the damage we are doing to our earth in the pursuit of human greed. To commence our Lenten Observance we have the Imposition of Ashes at 7.30 am, as part of the Darwin Clergy Eucharist - all are welcome to attend. At 5.30 pm we will have a further Imposition of Ashes, followed by our first Lenten Study. Again, all are welcome.


Christmas Services 2014

CCC 2014 CHILDREN Christmas 2014Our services this Christmas are: CHRISTMAS EVE 6 pm - Children's Service 11 pm - Midnight Mass CHRISTMAS DAY 7.30 am - Said Eucharist 9.00 am - Sung Eucharist

General News

Climate Change

Two of the major items in the news at present are war, and climate change. In 2012 the Dean authored "Bitter Reflections on Climate Change" which was published in the magazine of the Diocese of Newcastle, Anglican Encounter. At the 2014 Awards of the Australasian Religious Press Association the article won silver for "Best Column or Blog". The citation read: This individual article is one of a series of 10 by different authors. They come under the generic title of Envirotopics.  However even the loaded title of this article does not prepare the reader for its brutal impact. The writer brooks no niceties as he strips away the superficiality of our comfortable and self-serving lifestyles, and unapologetically rips into us. His illustrations are real, powerful and personal. He heaps on us a guilt-trip with no foreseeable remission or righting of the environmental wrongs we are committing. Ouch! This is a noticeably different article from any of the other 51 entries which helps it stand out; but its no-holds-barred style and content is what puts it among the winners. The article can be downloaded here: Climate Change