Parish Council

[caption id="attachment_344" align="alignright" width="222"]The "cathedra" or "Bishop's Chair" that gives the Cathedral its name The "cathedra" or "Bishop's Chair" that gives the Cathedral its name[/caption] Parish Council generally meets on the third Sunday of each month. Items for discussion must be submitted to the Cathedral Office a week before the meeting in order to be included on the agenda. The council is elected at the annual general meeting of the Cathedral Parish in February or March. The current Council, elected at the 2014 AGM consists of the following members:
Ken Hutton (Warden) Vivienne Hayward (Warden & Synod Representative) Heather Ferguson (Warden) Guy Andrew (Treasurer)
Ann Lilley (Parish Administrator)
Christine Bell
Diane Hamblin Stephen Hospet
Kate Lawrence Warren Leeder Jeanne Lorraine (Safe Ministry Officer) Hilary Reed
Carl Stephens (Synod Representative)
In line with the requirements of "Faithfulness in Service", all those in leadership positions within the parish require an Ochre Card (working with children check). The form must be filled out and taken to SAFE NT or to a police station to be submitted for processing, and the Ochre Card registered with the Parish Office.