Still going to Paris

Pray for ParisThe events in Paris are the latest is a series of atrocities - Beirut the week before, and ongoing misery and suffering across the Fertile Crescent. Terror has struck. We pray for Paris, and in so doing also pray for Beirut and all those other cities and towns where evil has struck through terrorism. However, we must not let terror stop us from doing that which is good. So we still go to Paris for COP21. Clearly there will be vastly increased security, and many of the side events such as concerts and public demonstrations will now not be allowed to happen. But I have been advised by the organisers of Place To B, which is being held at St Christopher's Inn, Gare du Nord, that this side event to which I have been invited is still going ahead. So, we still go to Paris. My colleague Fr Nigel Kelaepa has just had his Australian visa approved (with thanks to Alex and the staff of Natasha Griggs MP for sorting out the bureaucratic bungle). So Fr Nigel will arrive in Australia on Sunday, finalise his visa for France on Monday, and we will then depart for London and thence Paris on Wednesday. Please check our Facebook page: where I will keep a blog. We are cautious but not alarmed, and look forward to the good that can be achieved with God's grace at COP21.

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  1. Jan Says:

    Will check in on your blog and will be praying for you both and for the conference and all attending.

    Lothlorien (Jan)

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