Paris Climate Change Conference

The Dean, Dr Keith Joseph, will shortly leave for Paris where he will join an estimated 40,000 people attending the Climate Change Conference and associated events. In the Dean's case, he will be taking part as an invited participant at the Creative Factory, also known as PlaceToB: This is an event aimed at artists and writers, with the aim of changing thinking about Climate Change. A major part of the event is concerned with the spiritual issues around Climate Change. Fr Keith will be accompanied by the Reverend Nigel Kelaepa. Fr Nigel is from the atoll of Onjong Java, in the north of the Solomon Islands. In 2009 Fr Keith and Fr Nigel worked together on the first climate change adaptation project in the Solomon Islands, aimed at helping the people of Ontong Java stay on their home. Whilst successful, in the face of a continued rise in sea level the people of Ontong Java are now looking at relocation. Our picture shows high tide in January this year - as can be seen, lapping at the roots of the trees. Even without a storm surge, this does not look good for the future of the people of Ontong Java. However, part of the aim of PlaceToB is to encourage positive thinking - not a sense of helplessness, but a sense of what can be done. We invite you to join with the Cathedral congregation as they pray for all in Paris at the Climate Change Conference, and to support in any way you can those who are now directly affected by climate change.Sr Kathleen photo high tide

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